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  Web Design and Development

Whether you need an Internet Resource, Business or E-Commerce site you want that to work on all devices and screen sizes, while being pleasing to the eye, perfectly legible and lightning fast.

  • Reactive Internet Multimedia permits every detail of your site to be customized without design limits. There are no templates, just a blank canvas to create your masterpiece.
  • There is no need for a special app when one codebase works on mobile, tablet, laptop, PC and TV, whether it is from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft or Dell.
  • Go beyond Mobile First. The view from your hand (mobile) looks as stunning as the view from the couch (TV). Rendering mobile-to-2K since 2009.

  Your Vision | The Design

Crafting your vision is always the first part of design.

  • Just as an architect would make the blueprints for a house, we start with your vision to craft a stunning Internet presence and overlay that onto your own Internet 4.0 digital ecosystem.
  • Once your brand is established and mission is clear it is time to distill that essence into page layouts and designs to hold that content and make it easy to access.
  • If brand development, media, copy writing are needed they are available to provide a polished professional impression for a new organization or to reimagine an existing one.

  Rendering Your Vision | Development

Once the blueprints for your design are made and the content is assembled your designs are compiled and compressed for deployment on your digital ecosystem.

  How Much Does it Cost?

The size and scope of every project is different. Costs will vary depending on how long the design process takes, how long it takes to develop (code) and how much content needs to be created.

If we classify a site by general purpose we have a starting point. Presume a majority of the content is available and needs to be packaged, formatted and lightly polished.

  Internet Micro Site: No need to compromise on security or a powerful presence. We can provision just what you need quickly and for any length of time.

  Internet Resource Site: For example a Non-Profit, NGO, Community Organization, Public Awareness: Small-Med: 3,000-7,500; Lg: $10,000-30,000.

  Business Site For example Unique Specialty Businesses, Hospitality, Real Estate, Entertainment, Tourism Destination: Small-Med: 5,000-10,000; Lg: $20,000-50,000+.

  E-Commerce Site For example Innovative Specialty Manufacturing, Museums, Performing Artists, Publishers: Small-Med: 5,000-15,000; Lg: $20,000-80,000+.

 Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

  How to get Started

The easiest way to figure out what you need, how much it costs and how quickly that can be done is by sending an email requesting a free consultation and the best time to call. Consider the items below.

  • New Site or Redesign
  • Classify Purpose of Site
  • How Many Content Areas
  • Is Content Prepared
  • Content Makeup % (text, image, video, audio)
  • E-Commerce Products / Groups
  • E-Commerce Product Variables
  • Existing Domain or Site
  • Has Your Current Site been Hacked
  • Do You Need Business Email

  Get in Touch

Todays Internet requires far more than basic hosting and a web design firm. If what you are doing is important you will need experienced people to custom configure your ecosystem, whether it serves your community or the global marketplace.

Digital Deli is a trusted partner that can guide you to reach targets and increase your bottom line. If you are ready to harness the global digital information economy reach out and  Contact Us.

Reactive Internet Multimedia

Digital Deli  Reactive Internet Multimedia is a framework used to seamlessly render nearly any type of media (content), at any commercially available resolution, for nearly any type of Internet connected device.

  Reliable & Predictable Operation
  Lightning Fast Execution
  Single Code Base / All Devices
  Perfect Mobile-to-4K Rendering
  Infinite Customization
  Cost Effective
  Extensible & Future Ready

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