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Next Generation Always On Solutions

E-Commerce and Web Solutions
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Digital Deli Biz provides a fully integrated suite of services for delivering e-commerce and web solutions to organizations wishing to harness the global digital economy.

Because the technologies needed to succeed in the 21st century have become increasingly complex and require many different skill sets the Digital Deli has assembled everything needed in one place.

While the Digital Deli Family of domains, properties and brands can manage projects of any size – Digital Deli Biz is focused on delivering world class services to small and medium sized organization.

Organizations with unique or specialized products or services enjoy custom crafted solutions with no design limits to clearly stand out from the crowd.

The objective is to remove the complexity so organizations may focus on core business functions.

Digital Economy Onramp

Reactive Internet Multimedia: removes all design limits and provides a single code base that renders perfectly legible content on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, TV).

iShop E-Commerce Core (ECC): is like a Swiss Army knife for global e-commerce. Custom designs are handcrafted with a robust backend for managing all administrative commerce functions.

Gen-3 Cloud: client web server domains are the fastest in the world with SSD storage (solid state drives) and 40Gbps lightning fast IPv4 & IPv6 Internet connections with always-on encryption .

Security: enjoy A+ server security rating for your domain. Cloud, Server and each Domain are encapsulated for high level A+ server security ratings (Qualsys). When more is needed Cyber AI is always watching your back to ensure PCI-DSS and HIPPA level compliance.

Extensible: start small and grow in size without having to throw away all previous investment in creating your global presence.

Information Analytics | iRepX: goes beyond SEO, Analytics, Programmatic and Reputation Management to encompass a full range capabilities to enhance brand perception, elevate organic search results, precise audience targeting and deep web analytics. We turn data into results that matters.

Content: you will always need to create something new to engage your target audience. Digital Deli Studios creates (audio, video, imagery, graphics, multimedia, copy, typography, etc) media and deploys that right to your server so it looks perfect on every device.

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  A Pure Digital Pipeline

  Explore the Digital Pipeline.

  Think of the Digital Deli Cloud™ as a power plant where your vision is transmitted for consumption securely to any device. Just add content, mix and you are ready to go. A pure silicon solution with no moving parts on a 40Gbps backbone with IPv4 & IPv6. High level TLS, always on encryption and authentication @ Gen–3 Cloud™.

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