Next Generation Always On Solutions         
    Next Generation Always On Solutions    

  iNet 4.0 Digital Solutions

Digital Deli provides a fully integrated suite of services for organizations wishing to harness the global digital information economy. We provision custom turnkey solutions for micro sites to high volume e-commerce to smart city ecosystems.

  Digital Economy On Ramp

Reactive Internet Multimedia: removes all design limits and provides a single code base that renders perfectly on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV).

iShop E-Commerce Core (ECC): is like a Swiss Army knife for global e-commerce. Custom designs are handcrafted with a robust backend for managing all administrative commerce functions.

Gen-3 Cloud: digital ecosystems with SSD storage (solid state drives) and 40Gbps lightning fast IPv4 & IPv6 network connections with always-on encryption.

Security: Cloud, Server and Domains are encapsulated with high level authenticated security. Cyber AI and iAuth+ wrap an extra layer of comprehensive security around your ecosystem.

Extensible: create your mark and expand in size and capability without having to throw away all previous investment in creating your global presence.

Information Analytics | iRepX: goes beyond SEO, Analytics, Programmatic and Reputation Management to encompass a full range capabilities to enhance brand perception, elevate organic search results, precisely reach your target audience. We turn data into results that matter.

Privacy by Design | ICTS: built from the ground up for your own security and the privacy of your target audience. This ensures continuity of operations to help organizations comply with emerging regulations.

Content: you will always need to create something new to engage your target audience. Digital Deli Studios creates (audio, video, imagery, graphics, multimedia, copy, typography, etc) media and deploys that right to your server so it looks perfect on every device.

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The Digital Deli Family provides a wide range of custom integrated technical and creative services to power your organization's digital presence. Contact Us to learn how we can help you.

  Cyber Disaster Recovery

If you are interested in a secure managed ecosystem because you have suffered a breach our Cyber Intelligence operation    Digital Deli RED provides emergency containment, recovery and deployment support.

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